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What would you and your friends love to paint?

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Whether it's a favorite vacation place, a beautiful flower from your yard, a beloved pet, or a something on your bucket list, let me help you put it on canvas. Contact Lynne to discuss your party ideas. She will help you plan a memorable and beautiful event. Check your calendar, decide who you would like to invite, and Lynne will forward an awesome invitation to you. Schedule soon to avoid conflicts!

Check your calendar. Pick a time that is convenient for you and your guests.


PaintFresh uses a mobile paint party model. Instead of you coming to my location - we bring the party to you! Choose a location for your party that will be comfortable for your number of guests. Tables are appropriate. Each person needs about 24" of table space. I provide lightweight easels for each painting, a plate pallet and cup for water. Some suggestions are a home, party house, church meeting room, office, community centers, restaurant or bar, 


A private party requires at least 6 registered guests. The host paints for no charge if party has 10 or more registered guests. You can always ask your guests to bring a friend.

Come ready to get creative! We provide everything you need: blank canvas, acrylic paint, brushes, smock, a palette and a teacher sample. You will be guided through the painting process step-by-step. I encourage creativity so feel free to make changes, pick the colors you like, and make your painting your own. These classes are for everyone, experienced and beginners. Parties last around 2+ hours. Guests are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes early to get their smocks on, their paint and brushes ready, and settle in.  

Plan your party today!


Cost ranges from $35 – $45 per person/per painting depending on size and complexity of the design. Price includes all supplies and 2-3 hours of professional instruction to complete your painting. Cost must be paid in advance. Click above to take you to our Facebook page to reserve your spot.

Kids parties cost $20 per child. They will complete a single chosen design and will receive 1 hour of Lynne's attention!


Secure your date by contacting PaintFresh and get put onto the calendar. We can then complete all of the details.

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